(by Deborah Vines and Jesse Kalfel)

(Comedy / Primary roles: Female, late 30s; male, late 30s; 4 males, 20s - 60s; 4 females, 20s - 60s)

In a state of panic, a divorcee gathers her friends and family for support before her blind date; they exchange tales of dating and mentally prepare her for the evening, but little does she know that her “date” is there all along, helping her realize it is not that difficult.

(by Deborah Vines and Cathey Paine)

(Sci-Fi Thriller / Primary roles: Male, 40s; male, late 20s; female, 30s)

As two Boston detectives investigate a series of gruesome sex murders, it’s the rookie who lets down his guard and falls for a beautiful mysterious blond widow, jeopardizing not only the case but his life.

(by Deborah Vines and Cathey Paine)

(Murder Mystery / Primary roles: Female, late 30s; female, mid-20s; male mid-20s)

All is well for a hot young male fitness instructor at an exclusive LA health club – until he becomes entangled in a cat and mouse game where he and his girlfriend dodge a relentless, jealous killer that is knocking off his female admirers – one by one.

(by Deborah Vines and Cathey Paine)

(Comedy/Action / Primary roles: Black male, mid-30s; black Female, mid-30s; American female, mid-30s)

Two American female pilots are on the trail of Chinese industrial spies, but along the way, they end up inadvertently kidnapping a CIA agent – and one of them falls in love.


(Thriller / Primary roles: Female, 30s; male, early 40s; female, early 20s; female 40-ish, female, 60s)

Reluctant to enter the dating scene after a painful divorce, a young woman takes the advice of her friends and family and finds love online. However she gets more than she’s looking for when she is drawn into the world of S&M and is plagued by a mysterious stalker.

(by Deborah Vines)

(Comedy / Primary roles: Female, early 30s, female, 50s, male, late 30s, male late 40s)

Two thugs hold everyone at Rosie’s Diner hostage, certain one of them ingested a stolen diamond in their morning special omelet.

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(by Deborah Vines and Cathey Paine)

(Political Thriller / Primary roles: Male, 30; female, late 30s or 40s/Secondary: Male 40s; male 50s – 60s)

A crackerjack reporter/computer wiz becomes romantically linked to a high-profile UCLA professor as he tries to resolve the mystery behind the death of his father, an ex-CIA agent, and recent military “accidents.”

(by Deborah Vines)

(Comedy / Primary roles: Male, 16; Female, late 30s; male, late 30s; female, 40; female, 16)

Life sometimes truly sucks. John not only has to deal with school bullies and the usual teenage angst, he also has to deal with eccentric parents and the disconcerting fact that he’s slowly becoming a bit less than human – due to a recessive gene that is passed down through the family every fourth generation.